Stepback Cupboard

Stepback Cupboard

I made a stepback cupboard out of pine. I finished it with milk paint – barn red on the outside, mustard on the inside.

I used Glenn Huey’s plans for the Diminutive Dish Cupboard in “Building 18th-Century American Furniture” to guide the project, but I made a lot of changes. The most apparent is that I didn’t build a glass door for the top.

This was my first time making mouldings by hand. It was also my first time making frame and panel doors. First time making a tongue and groove back as well. So, it was a good skill-building project.


Cupboard 5 -Feb 2014

Below are a few in progress photos. It didn’t have mouldings or the back yet.

Stepback cupboard 5by7 January 2014

Lower cupboard 7by5 January 2014

Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

I mistook this for a Broad-winged Hawk, until someone on Flickr corrected me. It is a Cooper’s Hawk.

LSU Lakes

Baton Rouge, Lousiana

Shaker Swing Handle Carrier

Shaker Swing Handle Carrier

I made a Shaker swing handle carrier. It was my first time making one.

Here are some things I messed up:

  1. I should have made the swallowtails line up off-center. Since they are centered, and the handle is centered, I had to drill through them to attach the handle. I think it would look better to have the swallowtails to the side of the handle.
  2. There are wood spacers between the handle and the box. They are made from drilling into the end of a dowel and then sawing it into thin pieces. I only had a maple dowel of the right size. It looks okay, but to match the box, I’ll get a cherry dowel for the next time.
  3. It would have been better to apply finish to box before attaching the handle.

pegging the shaker box

making the swing handle

hammer the swing handle rivet

swing handle attached

swing handle carrier unfinished

Bent Walnut Containers

Bent Walnut Containers

I made a couple containers with bent walnut sides and cherry bottoms. I was really was just testing out some walnut veneer to see if it would be suitable for shaker oval boxes. Since I didn’t want the material to go to waste, I made these.

Walnut container in progress

Walnut container in progress - cherry bottom

Walnut container in progress - fitting the bottom

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