Stepback Cupboard

Stepback Cupboard

I made a stepback cupboard out of pine. I finished it with milk paint – barn red on the outside, mustard on the inside.

I used Glenn Huey’s plans for the Diminutive Dish Cupboard in “Building 18th-Century American Furniture” to guide the project, but I made a lot of changes. The most apparent is that I didn’t build a glass door for the top.

This was my first time making mouldings by hand. It was also my first time making frame and panel doors. First time making a tongue and groove back as well. So, it was a good skill-building project.


Cupboard 5 -Feb 2014

Below are a few in progress photos. It didn’t have mouldings or the back yet.

Stepback cupboard 5by7 January 2014

Lower cupboard 7by5 January 2014

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